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"Welcome to Frenchie Kiss Kennels Whelping Services,
a pups mini vacation home!!!"

Our services are mainly by referral. Our goal is to ensure that your pups have the same loving experience here with us just alike the ones they are set to endure. The care and well-being of the puppies and dam are our number one priority. We sincerely believe that YOUR pups, are also OUR pups.

Now we understand that EVERYDAY STILL HAPPENS, and it’s not even remotely close to enough time in the day to get enough done for yourself, let alone time to sit and care for puppies. They are like quarantined newborns and this is coming from many of my own experiences. It can be hard and become very frustrating to sit for 24/7 taking care of newborns AND their MOTHER! But we have mastered the Time, Patience, Energy, as well as the LOVE for them that is needed to raise Beautiful, Strong, Happy, and Healthy Home Pups.

So here’s how it works!!!!

Is it difficult to birth your pups on your own? Or even take them to the appointments necessary? Don’t have the space or not equipped nor prepared for your pups? NO PROBLEM! We’ll take care of that for you! We realize you may not have the facility, time, or experience to whelp your own litter. You can rely on our expertise to handle the most stressful and emergent situations. ALL LITTERS ARE WHELPED IN OUR HOME. During this time of service, we can house mom 24/7 and as early as 1 week before birthing. It allows mom to get comfortable, which we believe is important to get to know the dam as well. And for her to become aware with her surroundings, and prepare to nest for nursing and whelping.


We can accommodate emergencies in most situations. French Bulldogs are NOT RECOMMENDED to have natural birth. So we do offer transportation and arrangements for Cesarean (C-Section) Appointments previously made (VET fees are at the Owners Expense). You will need to provide the Date, Time, & Location of appointment 2-3 weeks PRIOR to intake. This will be the day of booking. Any LAST MINUTE (0-1 week intake, if there is NO SPACE, or my days are UNAVAILABLE, excluding some HOLIDAYS ) or EMERGENT accommodations will be original price +EXTRA $500!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Pickup for Mom and pups will be scheduled for the final week of agreed whelping. Mom can be picked up before the pups, but after week 5, so to ensure that the litter is properly and completely weaned of mom. If mom and litter are not picked up by arranged time and date. There will be a boarding fee of $25/DAY for mom and $10/DAY PER PUP!!!! Our payment is due up front unless we have made other arrangements, such as us keeping a puppy or more for the fee. We look forward to loving your Frenchies!!!

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